Design your perfect Cuban trip !

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Take the quiz and discover your personal route through places, experiences, people, art, nature, cocktails and music.
Close your eyes and imagine a perfect day outdoors.
Where do you see yourself?
Trekking Select
Exploring the native flora and fauna Select
Horseback riding Select
Hiking in Baracoa Select
Fishing Select
Relaxing and snorkeling Select
Where are you most likely
to be found sightseeing?
On the street, looking around and studying the local architecture Select
At an art museum Select
Walking aimlessly to feel the pulse of the city  Select
Visiting the city landmarks Select
Sitting on a café terrace Select
Visiting religious buildings Select
Havana is home to a vibrant live music scene.
Pick your favourite music style and we’ll tell you where to go.
Latin jazz Select
Latin Pop & Rock Select
Reggaeton Select
Salsa/Timba Select
Bolero, folklore, son, trova Select
Electronic music & Hip Hop Select
What kind of dancer
are you?
You could dance anywhere, even on the street Select
You like to dance with a partner Select
First on the dance floor Select
Very methodical: you’re the one counting the beat Select
You have a very personal way of dancing—everyone stares at you! Select
You prefer to watch people dancing! Select
Choose your favorite classic Cuban cocktail
to start the night off and we’ll take you out for dinner!
Mojito Select
Daiquiri Select
Presidente Select
Nacional Select
Mulata Select
Canchánchara Select