Tour of Old Havana

in Havana Vieja
  • Tour of Old Havana in Havana Vieja - Cuba
  • Tour of Old Havana in Havana Vieja - Cuba
Location :
Habana Vieja,Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba
With its architectural gems that span five centuries of Cuban history, Habana Vieja, or Old Havana, is a perpetual photo opportunity. There are almost a thousand buildings of historical interest packed into the old city, from 17th century baroque, to 19th century neoclassical and graceful Art Deco edifices, plus museums, churches and the four main plazas (currently undergoing restoration). Add the calvalcade of colors that brighten the buildings’ facades under the dazzling sun, and you’ll see why the old city is a feast for the eyes. But Old Havana is not just a giant open-air museum: around 60,000 Habaneros live packed in the dense area that was once defined by the old city wall (demolished in the 19th century). And while undoubtedly colorful and picturesque, the crumbling buildings are in dire need of restoration. Still, you can’t keep the irrepressible Habanero down for long, and anyone walking through the area can experience the hubbub of Habana Vieja’s animated streetlife. From grannies puffing away on cigars, to the locals hustling their services as improvised tourist guides, you’re sure to meet some of the lively characters that are the true color of Old Havana.
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